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Kind words

"My 2 hours with you turned out to be many things special to me; in various ways and experiences. Scheduling it alone was a big, sincere, heartfelt hug I gave to myself....one that doesn't happen often when it comes to a camera. I'm usually the one behind the lens, not in front. So that was a nice sweet first step... Then there was the grand enlightenment in learning new things about my own self and who I was and who I've become after 7 years of marriage, 2 kids and a few too many things to do on my never-shrinking to- do list. Through my time with you on the foreign side of the camera, I was reminded that I miss the old Jules. I miss the way I used to feel, look, think, act and live! But then I became overwhelmed with other thoughts....and I was fortunate enough to realize that I am that same woman but even better! Way way better. And Older! And Wiser! And more patient! More empathetic! More understanding! Less judgmental! Less temperamental! And less worried all the time--even about my muffin-top :)Thank you Caroline for helping me combine my typical 'soccer mom' self with the 'pretty old me' for a couple of unforgettable and very fun hours!! I cant wait to do it again.

"True Story…Last night I presented my hubby one of the photographs that Caroline had taken…as an anniversary present . He just starred, speechless – it was an amazing, touching “shock & awe” moment! I did not expect his reaction at all, but Caroline made me look like such a “superstar “version of myself. I really don’t know how to say thank you! Caroline is an artist and you has an incredible gift of seeing the glamour in women. I can’t thank Caroline enough for drawing out my inner *girly girl.* I felt so pretty and glamorous and when looking at my proofs it was life changing and perception changing. She managed to shift my bad attitude about pictures of myself (DMV / old yearbook shots) to something I love and will cherish. I hope you consider a photo shoot with Caroline! Because you are worth it."

I had an amazing experience working with Caroline. She was so well organized and had planned a thoughtful, precisce shoot. Her ideas not only made me excited and comfortable, but we had fun feeding off one another's enthusiasm. When the weather began to change Caroline knew how to use what we had. Caroline made me feel so relaxed and her direction allowed my confidence to exude. Even though it would be nearly impossible to not love Caroline, after doing this photo shoot with her I gained a whole new admiration and respect for her and her love for photography. She is a wonderful person to work with and hopefully she will want me back for another fun shoot!

"Caroline has a beautiful eye for art. I always enjoy her photographs that range from simple and artistic to quiet and festive. A beautiful person inside and out, her warm personality exudes from each capture to connect the viewer into her world. I always look forward to viewing her creations...they are visually appealing and Caroline is truly an inspiration in her own right."

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